The value of joining business and technology

There are websites that talk about business and websites that go into detail about techniques or new technologies. Both exist next to each other and are seen as very different worlds and they are. However, if you're looking at it from a perspective of creating value for customers, than both worlds prove to be very interdependent.

Business and technology go hand in hand.

At one hand business nowadays almost always has a technology component, because technology is penetrating our daily lives more and more. At the other hand the value that technology is bringing for customers can only be harvested if embedded in a well functioning business process.

In our view looking at technology just from a technical perspective would be to narrow, because you would lose the rich context that stems from business logic resulting from customer stories. The value that you are trying to create with technology can easilly get lost in the process. From a business perspective technology is in many cases just a means to an end to create value in the value chain and in businness they have their own concerns in optimising the production process. However the role of technology within almost every aspect of the production process is increasing and becoming more important.

About me

I was finalising my master in business development and to make ends meet at the time I was looking for a job on the side in ICT (I always programmed as a hobby). 

By coincedence I came in contact with a recruiter who offered me a fulltime job at a small internet company in the Netherlands and I decided to go for it. I worked there with great fun for a couple of years and improved my technical knowledge and skills. Nowadays I'm working for one of the biggest internet companies in The Netherlands as a webdeveloper. Inescapably bringing my business background and knowledge to the workplace. 

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